lumix lx100 closeup

Lumix LX100 2.0 – an update

I’m still sooo amazed and excited with my camera, just to start off.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I would recommend my camera (yes). He has an older Lumix version and is thinking about getting a new one. Maybe the LX100.

He had several questions, like

– is it “handy” enough? so I guess, small, easy/fast to use, maybe with one hand only..

– is it fast enough?

Framed – December 2016 – FaLalala

oh Hello 2017, you sneaked up quickly, didn’t you? I’m looking forward meeting you, bringing all of us your best and worst and fun and smiles and full bellies everywhere.

December ’16 was mixed with lots of faces for me and lots of knitting and lots of ‘oh gracious me’ moments when looking at my instagram, it exploded a little bit 🙂 well hello and welcome to my little world as well.

As December is the month of christmas, it so happens that there are christmas markets all over the

Framed – October 2016, the happy halloween edition

So happy Halloween!!

October was mainly rainy, a few good marvellous days of sun in-between. Overall a good month. Well actually a very good month. . .


I made egg salad with avocado! it’s the best, imagine a guacamole-egg-salad-sandwich, just the idea must make your mouths water. If not I believe there is something seriously wrong with you. Naaah just kidding, everyone can eat what they like 🙂

Framed – May 2016 – a whole lotta knitting

so now we’ve done May as well. It’s christmas soon 😀 are you already wrapping up gifts? hehe, me certainly not. The weather just started changing to summer mood and I love that!


My May was filled with a looooot of knitting, starting with wanting something in honor of Prince, then waiting for the yarn to arrive and using the knitting spirits to finish a cardigan that I had flying around for about 12 months. The ends still need to be woven in and it needs blocking but other than that it’s finished (you know what I mean..)

12 of 12

in the German blogosphere there is this picture challenge going on for several months now. Maybe even longer. And I always felt like ‘I want to do this too’ but always forgot about it, when it was about time. The thing with this challenge is to do it in the 12th of each month. To take 12 pictures and to share them on your blog.

Now everytime I was reminded of this challenge was on the evening of the 12th .. and taking 12 pictures during the days normally does not happen. EVER.