another 365

365 days sounds a lot. It is a lot!

For me it certainly is. Especially the last 365 days were lot! I can tell you. After the disaster with my (meanwhile) ex last year, and even more difficult times with him, we got back together, everything seemed fine, now we’re separated and it’s all good. Very good from that point in my life 🙂

Actually I never felt better than right now, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m thankful for every moment that I spent. Life is too short for waiting, too short to waste it. Life is great and it must be shared, with love and happiness as they multiply when you share them. Also share the hard moments and tears (there were a lot in the last 365 days) but they start to vanish when you share them.

1958 – 2016

you will be missed my friend.

Instead of my regular recap of the last month I want to share my story with Prince today. April was filled with lots of work, a business trip to Milano, some quality time with my boyfriend, but what will be remembered for ever of April 2016 is the death of Prince. A man who was the soundtrack to my life for the last 20+ years and will be for many more years to come I hope.
Prince died on the 21st. You will be missed my friend.

some little knits

during the last three weeks I didn’t knit much but it’s enough to show you three finished objects. First I made gaiters for myself. I love to wear gaiters in winter season over my shoes/tights – they keep my feet warm, they look tight and they can hide an extra pair of socks underneath when it’s really really cold. This is the first pair that I knitted and I made a little mistake with these: I made them fit my foot not my foot wearing a shoe. Nevertheless I really like them and wear them and know what to change when making my next pair.

I also made cuffs for a friend. She wanted black ones, a bit lacey and what I came up with are these beauties. I added a bit of shaping to make them tighter at the wrist and I added short rows to make the upper part a bit longer than the palm side.

And you might remember my Prince cap for another friend. I know he will love it, cause I do! After knitting it in 2 days it took me quite a while to sew in the ends and sew the facing to the inside of the hat.


starting this cap I only knew the head circumference of the recipient and my gauge and after a first try, where I casted on for the exact head circumference I ripped out made a ‘second’ hat with a negetive ease of about an inch / 2 cm. And so it happend I casted on 144 stitches which (lucky me) is divided by six easily. See the beautiful outcome of the decreases? I like!

p.s. I like that much, I spent a few minutes thinking I might keep the hat, even though I would never where a black hat nor one with a symbol on front, no matter how big of a fan I am