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Framed February 2016 – instagram recap

February came and even brought an extra day this year. More fun right?

my February was filled with lots of stuff, crochet, journal, makeup, sooo crazy weather, but see for yourself:

starting the month with more free patterns on my site here. And since it was almost Valentines Day, sharing the #popheart pattern again was a big hit amongst you, lots of kisses to you 🙂

I also received new washi and created a page in advance, I still love it.

and then a new year started

Hello my lovelies,

long time no see, right?
well to make a long story short, last summer I was bored of the internet, then I was busy applying for new position within my company, and whohhoooo I got the job! 🙂
In January I started the new job, better money, better evening times, but completely different schedule. I was working as a med rep and now I’m working from desk again, so completely different, but I love it!
And the real big bonus, I have free evenings again. As a med rep your day is quite nice when out and about and visiting your clients, but when you come home there’s still a lot of work waiting at your “home office”. I loved the fee spirit of my former position but OMG I so enjoy my evenings and sundays now. Nothing to do than cooking, family, friends and knitting.

Framed – Feb 2014

a quick month February it is, isn’t it? I don’t really am aware of already two months past this year. On the other hand spring is soo near, it get’s warmer and warmer each day and best: the days get longer, soon I won’t need to wake up “in the middle of the night” but with bright sunshine outside my window. I’m ready for you summer! First things first though, February is over and March just started today, we spent a lovely day checking out various playgrounds today, I hope you got to spend a nice 1st of March as well.

Now let’s check out my Feb!

1. YOU: 🙂

2. FAVOURITE: switched to sulfate free shampoo and I already love it

3. SOMETHING ORANGE: my eyebrow powder (originally two mac eyeshadows: rule (the orange one) and tete-a-tint)

4. CHILDHOOD: sherbet powder with a lollipop to poke in

5: SQUARE: crossstitching frame and the needle case my mum made for me when I was about ten years old ♥

6: C IS FOR…: curls!! barrel and pin curling, I really liked the result, although my hair is still slightly short

7: UTENSIL: nail file (made from glass, I think these are the best)

8: WATER: almost! This is a closeup of my brush cleaner from mac (love the store and felt a little too girly going in there that day with a friend)

9: DETAILS: on my blanket

10: I AM…: hungry and all I had was a handful of nuts..

11. MISTAKE: I thought I didn’t make any mistake that day, then I went with the wrong exit in a roundabout, realizing it like 5km later

12. OUT + ABOUT: at a friends house, Berlins facade

13. PERFECT: weather with a not so perfect pic of my pretty lovely hair (I’m going with the “Natalie Teeger look from Monk at the moment)

14. HEART: I made pizza ♥

15. MY DRINK OF CHOICE: water, a plain glass felt too boring so I went a little crazy with my photo apps (I’m using photo editor and picsart on android, very good free apps)

16. CREATE: the first couple of rows of my new blanket, I really like the “baltic ripple” design so far, as I called it (this reminds me to start my WIP Wednesdays again)

17. VEGETABLE: carrots, love them raw, and the’re good for your eyes!

18. MAGIC: do you believe in magic? in a young girls heart? How the music can free her, whenever it starts? (the lovin spoonful) … hope you have the same earworm I had that day, gotta love me some nice tunes

19. FEET: I was with my boss that day, you don’t want to see his feet, the evening I’ve spent babysitting my best friends girl, I don’t feel good with showing her baby feet (although they are so pretty) sooo, drumroll, the feet of teddy sitting next to me on the couch

20. PEACE: my bed!

21. FUNNY: what if unicorns where just fat rhinos?

22. AN ACT OF KINDNESS: my man, he’s a sweety! loading the dishwasher everytime I cook

23. THIS IS WHERE I RELAX: my couch apparently, guess I’ve been too relaxed to take a picture ^__^

24. HALF: I got new sunglasses *insert big happy smile here* and this half of it (btw they are the Oakley Newsflash in pomegranate – I love them)

25. CUT: my scissors, I’m not ready for a haircut, just yet!

26. LIGHT: a hotel lamp, kinda nice, only kind of ..

27: MY VIEW TODAY: very very early that day, about a minute after midnight, that’s where I was waking up on the 27th, I’ve spent the night at a Hotel in Brandenburg as I was serving a training the evening before, what you see is the water tower of a town close to Poland

28. REFLECTION: I’ve been to the dentist today, not my favorite place to start a weekend, but neccesary, so yeah, my view..