WIP Wednesday

a late WIP Wednesday on a Friday


Hey you guys

I know you’ve been waiting for this, my blanket grew!




it took a while and even ripped it out again (yeah I knew stupid thing of being a virgo, we always wanna have things done perfectly) – I eyeballed my border stitches now that I decided to go for a “all waves face the same direction” version of my blanket. I also choose to crochet 4 rows on each color.

WIP Wednesday 5

Just a very quick hello and update. I’m currently very busy with work and some exciting news for the blog.

Ginkgo is bound off and blocking in my shower.



Also I’ve made some progress on Klara, she’s got hair now 🙂

And for the exciting news for the blog, I’m sure you’ll love it and I’ll post details in the next few days. So long have a wonderful day or night (whatever you’re up to) ^__^ hugs, Diana