florence worth a while

Florence – worth a while

just a few pictures of my Florence stay last month. I enjoyed it a lot. Florence is a beautiful city, a small city and a weekend trip will be great for it. For a longer stay use the train to visit the cities nearby. This I was told by some colleagues while being there. It’s easy and fast. I think next time I will definitely do so. Florence is worth a beautiful weekend (even on a rainy spring day)

photo fun in neuk├Âlln

the 3rd of October is a national holiday in Germany and with some luck, you have brilliant weather on that day every year. So it also happened this 3rd of October (I will not mention that after that day the weather became all dull and grey and wet and nasty – – oopsi now I mentioned)

Anyways, a good friend of mine and I decided to walk around the city and discover the “Kiez”. We went for Neuk├Âlln and it was an awesome day.

1958 – 2016

you will be missed my friend.

Instead of my regular recap of the last month I want to share my story with Prince today. April was filled with lots of work, a business trip to Milano, some quality time with my boyfriend, but what will be remembered for ever of April 2016 is the death of Prince. A man who was the soundtrack to my life for the last 20+ years and will be for many more years to come I hope.
Prince died on the 21st. You will be missed my friend.