first thanks alot for your replies on my question redarging my new stole. Most comments were very encouraging to just go on. And I think that’s what I might do – just continue, I can always frog it again if I don’t like the outcome. But there’s also a little voice in my head that suggests to start over again with a slightly smaller needle. I guess I just wait and see what happens.
For now I can show you that I’ve been quite productive lately, I crocheted like mad. My little critters series starts to grow. I started with a fox, followed by a mouse and a giraffe, and now there also will be monkey, squirrel and beaver. All critters are made with the same main body shape and have their typical legs, ears and so on. Very cute.

I also made some new seahorses, they swim in my living room and I think they enjoy it =^__^=

btw. seeing the seahorsy tail I start thinking of mermaids, what you think?