the first window opens. Technically it’s little doors in Germany, but windows are cute too ^__^

I’d love to know about your advent traditions!
I need to admit that I’m a little bit proud that the advent calendar origins in Germany.
I grew up with a calendar my mom made each year for us, me and my brother. She had cross-stitches a huge picture that showed some christmas related things and the numbers one to twenty-four beneath it. Each year she hung up little packages below it, one for each day including a little gift for us, sometimes it was something chocolaty sometimes something more useful like even pencils. We loved sitting in the hallway shaking each present and guessing what could be inside.
On sundays the advent wreath got lit one more candle and slowly Christmas Eve turned closer and closer. Now I don’t get myself a calendar each year, it does depend on my mood. This year however I couldn’t resist when I saw one with smurfs on it. And guess how grinning I was when I found it even had chocolates with smurfs cast on them (I was too quick eating it to take a picture).
I don’t have a tree this year but I decorated quite a bit:
click on the picture to see it laaaarge
have a lovely first of December, hugs, Diana

oh, we even had snow today: