oh Hello 2017, you sneaked up quickly, didn’t you? I’m looking forward meeting you, bringing all of us your best and worst and fun and smiles and full bellies everywhere.

December ’16 was mixed with lots of faces for me and lots of knitting and lots of ‘oh gracious me’ moments when looking at my instagram, it exploded a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚ well hello and welcome to my little world as well.

As December is the month of christmas, it so happens that there are christmas markets all over the place in Berlin, naturally I’ve been seeing a few ๐Ÿ™‚

christmas market impressions

I’ve also been enjoying a photo-a-day-challenge and just had fun with the camera: winter in three different faces, feathers dropped by Frau Holle, juicy moss outside of my working place and typical Berlin December view, dried leaves in the streets.

on the floor

more impressions for the photo challenge, I tried to always twist the topic a little and not go with stereotype christmas pictures all the time

photo challenge

more christmas markets and oh don’t forget the knitting!!

orange knitting

the hat I’ve been making (design post here and pattern post will follow) was finished this morning, I’ve embroidered the plain stockinette side and now can’t decide which side I like better, the seed stitch or the plain orange? both are gorgeous and did I mention that I also made mittens? matching mittens? Yesterday I tried on the seed stitch mittens together with the seed stitch side of the hat and OMG, I had a little Kevin-alone-at-home-moment, you know the hands on the cheeks, but of course gleeing with joy, no fear I’m alone at home thehehe.

knitting mittensI’ve also made a christmas present pair of mittens. I’m really surprised how fast they can knit up (I consider around 20 to 30 hours as fast). Never made mittens before and probably won’t in a long time, as I now have two pairs for my own, it’s good to know though ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve also been traveling a bit, seeing friends, friends coming to Berlin, here are a few pics from Rostock and Munich:

statues and balls


Overall I’ve been enjoying this past month, on a personal level I again needed to learn thatย it’s not distance that separates people, it’s silence..

other than that December also proved to be a climax to 2016 overall, just too many people dying. Attacks in Berlin and Istanbul (I count this massacre as a 2016 event, I don’t want to believe 2017 will be just as bad)

good bye


I really hope the upcoming year will prove that humanity can come together, be one.

Be love.

Be hope.

Be good.


Hugs Diana