ha, I just realise how fitting todays title is in two kinda ways. My blog went through the roof, cause of my orange Cyclone hat and then there is the orange political thing. I don’t want to talk about that though. I’m only glad that a lot of people use the power they have as people. Democracy is people after all.

So, my January, right? Well first back to the orange theme. Oh my !!! I would have never ever believed that such a simple hat pattern would create such a hype. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s just so ridiculous! This blog has already over 40% of last years total visits. It’s January folks! January.. and more than 40% of people. It’s crazy. THANK YOU!!

cyclone hat top view


Right now, I’m working on a second one for myself, a little less warm, a little more blue. I just finished the first half and started on the second half, which will be lace. I’m curious how that will fold later on.


I’m using Madelinetosh Prairie – the single color names I would have to look up right now, and I’m too lazy to leave the sofa, so you’ll just have to wait for another post, sorry. 🙂

oh, January was the month we had the first snow!!!




I would say one can see I like that white fluffy stuff. I love how the whole world gets so quiet, how the air smells, how it feels under your feet, and the sound it makes when you walk on fresh snow. Oh how I adore thee.

I went partying…


and I finished a long term project:

this cardigan was already in my wardrobe, just sitting there, a little sad. It was not what I wanted – I ran out of yarn before the button band had the width I liked. And with a lucky moment I found more of that same yarn and finally made it into a piece I now love. A finished post will follow.

Other than that January was filled with work. Next month will be traveling again too. And I hope the sun will come out more often, I’m ready for spring. Actually this weekend is planned to put away that last winter decoration and go get some tulips for the dining table. I see fresh pink and green and will love it as much as I love the snow right now.

I’m also looking forward to finalising my “pimp my place” project. Since being single again I started re-styling my whole flat. I never planned to do any of that, it somehow just happened. First tidying up with the help of Marie Kondo, a method I would recommend for everybody, then all of a sudden seeing how I could have a dining area in my tiny place … and bit by bit it continued. Balcony, new sofa, new pictures etc etc and in ten days I will finally also receive the last chair. I’m waiting for it since mid-November. In my mind I see the corner it will be in already all finished up. A big plant (actually still a care-project for my ex) and a cute lamp and one or two small pillows. *swoon*

Now let me get back to my knitting and netflix and enjoy the last evening of January before we step into February and spring and all next months fun.

Hugs for everybody 🙂



p.s. would be cool if you let me know how the pictures load/look for you, my wordpress theme now allows me to put the links directly, which is super easy and convenient but only if it works for you as well 🙂